Bad luck, great service.

Waking up in a strange hotel room in a foreign country, Kate zigged when she should have zagged, rolled the wrong way, and hit her head on the corner of the night table, opening a gash in the corner of her eye. Never fun at any time, at 2:30 in the morning in Paris it could have been quite an issue.

Facial cuts bleed profusely, so it certainly looked awful. Because this is the modern world, she did the obvious thing: picked up her phone and called the Kaiser advice nurse in Marin County.

The advice nurse said they should see a doctor.

Brad went down to the front desk, in the middle of the night, and came back with crushed ice, Band-Aids and first aid equipment. The desk offered either to send her to the hospital or to have a doctor come to their room. Of course they chose the doctor visit.

In a stunningly short 30 minutes, a well-dressed, experienced, English-speaking physician appeared at their door. He treated the cut, decided that no stitches were required, properly bandaged it and left a prescription for antibiotics and painkillers.

By 9 AM the following morning the hotel had already used their connections with a local pharmacy to have the medications delivered.

Although the cut looks bad, it has been excellently tended and there should be no repercussions.

We are all amazed at the quality of service the Intercontinental Grand Hotel provided. It is hard to imagine getting a doctor to make a house call at three in the morning in the states. Sometimes the French do things the right way.

Life is good.


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