This I will not accept

There are any number of things wrong in our country these days, from the venality and general incompetence of trump to the stench of corruption from Scott Pruitt to the racism of Jeff Sessions.  I am forced to accept that the election is over, and somehow the guy with fewer votes won.   I abhor all of these, but they are not the worst issue.  What is happening to children at our borders is beyond detestable, and must be the place to draw the line.  This I (and I hope we) will not accept.

To tear a child from its mother’s breast is heinous and unconscionable.  There is no possible excuse.  This is the action of a police state, and I don’t want to live in Nazi Germany.  Or North Korea.

Equally bad, in my view, are the people who accept and approve of our government treating anyone like this.  Ordinary people, people you might meet at your local bridge club.  People like the Big Kook, the player I showed this tweet to this afternoon.

He laughed.  Not a titter or chuckle or tee hee, he laughed right out loud. He thought it was funny.

Shocked, stunned, aghast, I asked him if he really thought it amusing.  He said “the guard probably just wanted to see her nipple”, as though that was an acceptable reason.  Then he laughed some more.

I don’t like this Bozo Klown anymore.  And when people want to tell me what a great job trump is doing, I think they will have to explain how it is right and good and moral to pull a baby off her mother’s breast and then handcuff the mother for “resisting”.

The Blackguard Knave has earned himself a lifetime of no respect, not that his smug sanctimony will even notice.  I wish he was alone in this, but millions of trumpistas are willing to suck up the Kool Aid while shouting MAGA and “lock her up”.



3 thoughts on “This I will not accept

  1. Thanks for this. I’m with you. But I had to give up some bridge partners who are trumpers. 

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