That’s a wrap


Joe McNally, the star of every show

Photoshop World 2018 is over, and we’re home.  I learned a bunch and had a good time doing it–which high school had worked the same way.

There were many classes, on subjects from Photoshop to graphic design, videography,  portrait photography, landscape photography, dog photography,  Lightroom and personal motivation.  Every hour, it seemed like there were at least two classes I wanted to take at the same time, and the decisions were hard.

Except for the hour when Joe McNally gave his talk on A Year in the Life of a Photographer. That was an easy choice.  Joe is the rock star of this event, as far as I’m concerned.  He has the magic life, travelling around the world constantly taking fabulous photos and teaching.  I asked how many countries he’d visited, and he says “north of 70”. I’ve taken two of his all day seminars and other Photoshop World classes, and enjoyed  all of them.  i own his books.  Joe’s the best.


Not that he’s the only star of the show.  Scott Kelby, the big cheese of this production, is easy and approachable.  I’ve flown across the country to take a one day course from Rick Sammon, travel photographer genius.  Julianne Kost, the Photoshop and Lightroom evangelist from Adobe, is always delightful.  Kaylee Greer, with her bright red hair, teaches how to get the most imaginative dog pictures. Peter Hurley, a headshot shooter from New York gives a program full of energy and optimism along with great advice.  The list goes on, but Joe is always at the top.

KelbyOne does a magnificent job on these shows–everything is smooth and professional.  Everything starts on time.  The materials are first rate; you never need to take notes because it’s all in the workbook you get.  The rooms are well marked, and there are plenty of staff to direct you.  Even I can’t find anything to gripe about.


Photoshop World has gone from once a year to twice, back to once and now back to twice, following the economy and the general business climate, where we were told about the best atr trading strategy.  Next year the second show will be at the Mirage in Vegas in August–great as long as you don’t plan on going outside.


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