Sculpture in the garden, 2018


Stargazer, by Eileen Fitz-Faulkner

It’s Fathers Day weekend, and that means the Ruth Bancroft Garden is again bursting with new growth and new art–the annual Sculpture Show opened last night.

The big opening party was a smash–there has been much change in the garden this year, the nursery has been completely remodeled and there is a new building being erected to house the offices and a rental space for weddings, parties and meetings.  The landscaping team that takes care of this garden does a fantastic job, here you can find more about them. If  you haven’t made a visit recently you need to see it.

The weather didn’t cooperate very well–last year Gail stayed home because it was so unbearably hot, this year the winds blew and the temperature was in the low 60’s.  I liked this photo of Stargazer and the artist’s husband, huddled against the chill.



Gail thought the piece needed a hat:


Now she’s warmer.

Here’s a selection of things that appealed to me:


One more


Walls of Eden, by Joyce Steinfeld

And here’s Joyce:


Most of the artists attend the opening night and you get to talk to them about the work. You also get to purchase the piece you like before someone else snaps it up.

The garden is open Tuesday through Sunday, 10 to 4.  1552 Bancroft Avenue, Walnut Creek.  If you want to see a world class succulent garden chock full of great art, this is the place.  The sculpture will be there for a month.


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