Back in Tel Aviv


The view to the south from our 17th floor Hilton lounge

We’re back in Tel Aviv for a happy reason–Toby is getting married. A large contingent of us flew over Wednesday night, more have joined us, and there are still more to come.  Monday night there will be 180 people at a joyous celebration when Toby gets hitched to the beautiful, delightful, cosmopolitan Lea.


And to the north

We’ve met Lea’s family for the first time.  Mom Esther speaks some English, dad Peter speak none, but that doesn’t stop him.  Peter just goes right ahead and speaks French, and somehow things roll along.

Babushka (grandmother in Russian) is a delightful smiling joy.


Looking down at the hotel swimming pool.

We aren’t doing much here except for the wedding.  Some people are sitting by the pool, but I’m not one of them.  Granddaughter Chloe is here, and baby Silas took his first steps this week.  People who haven’t been here before took a tour to Jerusalem one day and the Dead Sea the next.  I napped and snacked and played bridge online, my idea of the perfect vacation. In addition, visit whale watching dana point and cruises daily viewing whales to Laguna Beach from Newport Bay.


Looking southeast towards the city.

Our rooms give us access to the 17th floor lounge, which puts out enough food to provide 3 meals a day if you wanted.  And free booze.

Last night, 13 of us went out to dinner at a restaurant recommended by the hotel  concierge.  Getting a reservation for 13 at the last minute would be a challenge for most, but a big hotel concierge can work miracles.

The restaurant, Itzik Hagadol, is in the old quarter of Jaffa, and was a riot.  They crammed us in, then started bringing out the salads.  Bunches of tiny dishes with a wild variety of things from egg salad to mushrooms (ick) to hummus (always hummus around here) to beets to I have no idea what.  A plate of fries. Big circular slabs of bread right out of the oven, to be torn apart and shared.  It was scrumptious and hysterical.


Following the cornucopia of salads, there were huge platters of meat.  Beef, lamb, chicken.  All fresh off the charcoal grill.


I wasn’t fast enough to get a photo when the platter hit the table–a number of lamb chops have already disappeared.

Getting there took a parade of taxis, and we had to summon another flotilla of them to get everyone back to the hotel. Kate left her phone in the cab on the way there, but Demi, the Apple Genius, was able to make it ring and the cab driver answered, then brought it back.  He held her up for $40, but that’s life and she has her iPhone X safe and sound.

Back at the hotel after dinner, we just sat in the lounge and visited.  We have no responsibilities about the wedding except to show up on time Monday evening and have a good time.  I’m getting rested up to do just that.


One thought on “Back in Tel Aviv

  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful!!!
    Mazeltov to all. I wish I had joined you.
    Try for some wonderful St Peter’s fish.

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