APC_0320Out to dinner during the Santa Clara Regional, we went to Il Fornio, and saw a place named Puesto next door.  It looked so cool, we had to go there the next night.

Inside a stunning $8 million building, is a very hip, slick and cool Mexican restaurant.


Gail, Linda, Micky and Jerry.  I love the backlit plants at balcony level.

The design of this joint is spectacular.  The bar has huge, clear shelves holding all the back stock, which lower down to bartender level when a new bottle is needed.  The coolness level is off the charts.  I wonder how earthquake safe it is, though.


The menu here is pretty basic–tacos.  The standard menu item is 3 tacos for $16, but that’s an illusion because many of the 12 different tacos they offer have an upcharge–$1 for the fish, $2 for the filet, $3.50 for the lobster.  That’s each taco, because you can mix and match from the menu to your tastebud’s delight.

There are also some bowls on the menu, but I think you come here for the tequila and the tacos. Stick with the basics.

APC_0322Gail also ordered the pickled vegetables, which were too spicy for me, but looked interesting.


Puesto is a new chain starting out in La Jolla.  The good news is that there will be a branch in the new Veranda center in Concord.  All of us who went to dinner are looking forward to trying it as soon as they get the doors open.

As much as I really liked this place, I have a hard time imagining how they will pay for an $8 million building with $16 plates of tacos.  But I intend to enjoy it as long as it lasts.


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