Wrapping up

Micky and I went to the Smoky Mountain Opry, a show I had been to two years ago.  Some things changed, some didn’t.  It isn’t Broadway, but it isn’t bad.  If you don’t mind the heavy bible thumping at the end of the show.


This is Slim Chance.  His part of the show is identical to the previous time, and it’s still perfect.  He’s a former science teacher who is also an incredible juggler and a very funny comedian.  To me, he’s the star of this enterprise.

The rest of the show is singing and dancing.  A very professional presentation, allllllmost Broadway quality. Great sets, costumes and lighting effects.  It’s corny, but that’s what plays in Pigeon Forge.

The show ends on a flag waving high note.  A mix up of Neil Diamonds “Coming to America” and Lee Greenwoods “Proud to be an American”, a stage full of red white and blue, an audience waving lighted flags (carefully sold just before intermission); it’s quite a sight.


The show honors veterans in the audience, asking them to stand.


All the performers come out to the lobby after the show to greet the fans and sign autographs.  It’s as friendly and down-home as they can make it.

There was one more day of desultory bridge, then Mike and I went for our annual game of miniature golf. This time we went to the Davy Crockett course, which we now think is the best in town.

He beat me by 3 strokes and I had to buy the ice cream later.

Packing to leave Saturday morning, Bob brought me my bill for the week in the house and my share of the food.


Bob is kind of precise.

That’s a darned good deal for our annual trip.  A week in the Smoky Mountains with friends and bridge and mini-golf and a trip to Dolly’s resort.  Life is good.


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