Why a duck?


Sometimes I see something just odd enough that I can’t pass it up.

Walking back to the car after lunch, I saw a girl taking her duck out of the car to go for a walk.  Yes, a duck.  On a leash.  Because how else would you walk your duck?


A fairly friendly duck, willing to be approached and petted, except he likes shiny things and will peck at your jewelry.  Not afraid of Claudia, who was slightly perplexed at this non-furry, two legged dog.  Claudia thinks all creatures are people or dogs.

The young woman is not strictly a duck person, either.

untitled-9Those are green cheek conures, a species of parrot.  They can live 30 years if properly cared for and are capable of learning a few words as well. We didn’t discuss their vocabulary or the lack thereof.

She just likes birds, and has had this crew for about 5 years.

Billy Miller, the bridge pro, has a green cheek conure, too.  Norman is his name.  I don’t think Billy takes Norman for walks, though.


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