One of the fringe benefits of writing about restaurants is the recommendations I get from readers.

Carroll Brooks told me about a new upscale pizza place in the Willows with a dog-friendly patio, so off we went to give it a try. Owning a pizza store of our own, we rarely/never go out for pizza, but this seemed so different from what we sell and such a nice place on a sunny day that we had to test it out.


Certainly a dog-friendly waitstaff

MidiCi is part of a 35 store chain specializing in Neapolitan pizza–think flour-salt-water-yeast only crust, the usual healthy non-GMO additions, high quality oil.  They make a nice pizza.


Bennet the greyhound.  His family brings his huge bed with them.

There are a number of nice looking salads and starters on the menu Gail and I will have to try another time.  Today, we just opted for pizza.  We each ordered our own, but a better choice would be to order one pizza for two, with a salad before.

I had the pesto:


It’s easy to overload the pie and overwhelm the crust/sauce with too many toppings and then you don’t know how well the do the basics.  I just stuck to Italian sausage and onions here, the better to savor the crust.  Pesto is always my favorite sauce; I’d eat it on wet newspapers.

This pizza was delicious.  The crust is nicely crunchy, sturdy enough to maintain its own flavor through the sauce, cheese and meat. Their sausage is decently flavored, without drowning you in fennel and garlic.  The cheese is a good brand of mozzarella and doesn’t taste commercial or processed.

Gail had the truffle pizza, with spicy sausage, black olives, onions and spinach.


Another winner, although she never really tasted the truffle. Nonetheless, she enjoyed it sufficiently to eat the whole thing and have no leftovers.

Claudia had a side of chicken.  She ate it all in a flash; it must be good.


There is a Nutella and strawberry calzone on the menu for dessert so tempting that I will have to go back. Carroll speaks very highly of the meatballs, so perhaps we’ll bring Micky (a noted meatball lover) and Linda for dinner.

I can’t close without a photo of the oil they put on the table,.  Regular olive oil and a housemade chili oil, which even Gail says is very hot.  I just like the colors.


We enjoyed MidiCi.  Their patio is better than most, with comfortable chairs and even an area with an outdoor sofa.  They are kind to dogs, and the food is good.  What more could a boy and his dog ask for?


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