I’m going to try something different.  Instead of trying to make a chronology of the trip, I’ve grouped photos of the major and minor animals and we’ll go through them one at a time.


Zulu Nyala has quite a collection of rhino, and they go to extraordinary lengths to keep them safe from poachers.  There are armed guards patrolling every night, sitting in watchtowers, keeping an eye out for helicopters that swoop in, shoot the precious animals and cut off their priceless horns.

These are all white rhino–the “white” is a corruption of “wide”, which describes their mouth shape.

There are black rhino here, too.  I don’t seem to have photos of them.  I don’t think I’ll go back.  The black rhino are smaller, with pointed mouths and they walk with their heads upright, because they browse the leaves from the bushes.  The white ones keep their heads down because they are grazers.

I’ve always loved babies, and I guess baby rhino are no exception.


And that’s the rhino collection.  Next up: giraffe.


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