Giraffe are my favorite to photograph. They are gentle, quiet and beautiful.  They are also easy, because they will stand right by the side of the road and delicately pick the perfect leaves from the trees.


Giraffe have amazing eyelashes.  Once you see them, you can’t help noticing them every time.


They’re curious, too.  A giraffe will just stare at you for the longest time, trying to figure out what strange creaturs ride around in strange vehicles and point shiny black things at them.

untitled-64 - Copy

Giraffes have just 7 neck vertebrae, just like us.  Their blood pressure has to be very high to pump up that long neck.

The giraffe is the only animal with a tongue long enough to clean its own ears.  That really isn’t a capability I envy.

The still photos of them are gorgeous, but the real pleasure is seeing a group of them walking smoothly and gracefully along.  That by itself is reason enough to go to Africa.


2 thoughts on “Giraffe

  1. Is this giraffe white with brown spots or vice versa? Is this a Rothschild’s giraffe or reticulated? Hmmm ?

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