Biggest and smallest

elephantZuluNyala-12I guess most everyone likes elephants.  Giant, gentle, slow-moving, totally peaceful, they stroll around the area eating  Lots of eating.  Hundreds of pounds a day eating. It’s a living, I guess.


Mother and daughter.

Zulu Nyala has 3 elephants, all female.  The little one is the daughter of one of the big ones.  The park is nowhere near large enough to support a male.

Elephants are intensely social–they stand close together, wrap their trunks together, just want to hang out with their friends.

Elephants can be very destructive, breaking down trees to get to the sweet wood under the bark.

Most of all, they’re just fun to watch.

And now for the smallest critter:


This is a dung beetle.  The area is full of them.  They get balls of dung from the large animals and then roll them away.  Sometimes this is for food, sometimes this is for a place to lay eggs–when they hatch they are surrounded by food.  You see them everywhere, rolling their balls of dung up the road to their secret hiding place.

The beetles aren’t as much fun to watch as the elephants, but they’re not bad.


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