Sanity somewhat prevails

Lots of talking,many, many Phone calls. Frequent questions. ‘Do you have a fever? How long have you been coughing? Any fever? Do you have a runny nose?

Much waiting. Polite chit chat with the two ladies accompanying me for no apparent reason. T5A area manager working hard to clear us the issue and get me on the next flight. 

Finally, success. I’m booked on the 3:00 flight home.

It’s been quite an event. I tried to stay calm and helpful, never blaming anyone for the corporate foolishness. Maybe I just don’t have the energy to make a fuss.

I’m landing in SFO at 7:20 tonight, headed straight to the embassy suites for ten days. Gail says I can’t even come by and visit the dog. The sacrifices we will all have to make in this.


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