Among the unwanted

I am coming home, or at least I think I am. Waiting for the first of my three flights to get back, I was in the airline lounge coughing as usual when two nicely dressed employees came over and handed me this mask. Very polite, not really an option.

Once on board, I proceeded to have an awful paroxysm of coughing. The three people sitting in front of and next to me all got up and left, moving to other seats. Even though I was wearing my mask, no one is going to sit next to a cougher these days.

A while later, the senior cabin attendant came by and asked if I would mind waiting for a medical exam when the flight landed. Again very polite, but not really a question.So the plane lands, and they carefully disembark all of the passengers so as few as possible need to walk past me.

So I’ve been screened four times in the last three weeks, one of them a seriously intensive screening. Now I have to land in London and I don’t know what will happen there. Everything I’ve read says that there is no genuine screening in the United States despite the incessant lies of Trump. That isn’t a surprise.

And when I get home? Gail has informed me that I’m not welcome in the house for 10 days maybe more. She’s taking this very seriously, and I can hardly argue. I’ll be holed up at the Embassy suites. I suppose there are worse things in this world.


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