At the Roadhouse

Another desultory day at the bridge table.

We played the morning compact KO, and lost both halves.

We played the first round of yet another prime time KO, and lost some more.

So once again we ‘qualified’ for the evening loser BAM teams.  This time Mike and I played with Danny and Bob–Jack and Bill drove the 8 miles to Pigeon Forge (home of Dollywood, which I hope to see one day) and saw the movie 42.  Since they were asleep by the time we got home I won’t have a report until morning.

Here’s the good news: we tied for first.

They are trying out a new system whereby you get your scores by email or text message “right after the game”.  The idea is brilliant, the execution needs some work.  Last night “right after the game” turned out to be an email timestamped 5:14 am.  All new technology needs some time to work out the kinks, and I’m sure that they will get this working in due course.

Dinner isn’t very exciting here, as you must have noticed.  Tonight we went to the Texas Roadhouse, which is pretty much like every other place in town.  They don’t take reservations, but you can call in ahead.  It’s sort of like a reservation, except they don’t call it that.  I don’t understand, but there’s a lot here I don’t understand.

I had the ribs.

Half a rack of ribs

Half a rack of ribs


Nothing fancy, but the ribs were very good.  I chose the sweet potato with brown sugar and cinnamon.  Never tasted the cinnamon or the sugar, but there was enough butter (or butter-like substance) to float a battleship.

Bill had the pulled pork:

Pulled pork, steak fries and biscuits

Pulled pork, steak fries and biscuits

About the “butter like substance”.  They put rolls on the table.  Soft, doughy, warm, sweet, rolls.  And then serve them with honey butter.  We asked for butter and got a dish of the butter-like substance.  Everything in this town is cheap, and they have to fight costs in every single item to make a living.  No real butter.

The service is fantastic.  A young woman, full of vigor and good will, calls all of us old guys “sweetie”, ‘sweetheart”, ‘honey” or  ‘dearie’.  Orders are taken and filled at the speed of light.  I was still eating my dinner when the check appeared–they didn’t even try to sell us dessert.  We were in and out of there in under 45 minutes, the better to turn the table, get another group in and make another couple of dollars–it can’t be much, dinner for all 6 of us was about $100.

Since we lost this morning, Mike and I have tomorrow morning off.  I have a special event planned, be sure to check in.



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