Friday at the Park Grill

Dinner last night was special.  The food was adequate, the company was the treat.

Wendy Sullivan, the league problem solver.

Wendy Sullivan, ACBL problem solver.

I ditched the boys and went out with Wendy Sullivan, ACBL Ask Me Girl, meeting planner and general factotum.  No sniggering, thank you, Wendy is married, and she knows Gail. too.  I just like to have friends in high places, and there is no higher place than Wendy’s good graces for me to stay in.

We had a great time talking about League matters and gossip.  I’d tell you all the inside dish, but she said if I repeated any of it she’d call me a liar to my face and punch me in the throat.  I don’t think you want to get on her bad side; I’m a little afraid already.

The Park Grill is one of the better places here.  It turns out the rest of my team was having dinner there as well, furtively sneaking peeks  at me over their salads.  Big salads–another huge salad bar to start the meal.  I chose the prime rib–this is meat country, might as well relax and enjoy it.

Rare prime rib and sweet potato casserole

Rare prime rib and sweet potato casserole

Chose the sweet potato casserole, of course.  I can get a baked spud anywhere.  This one was a trifle heavy on the coconut, but still delicious.

Wendy went for the shrimp:

Broiled shrimp on a skewer

Broiled shrimp on a skewer

They catch these things in the Gulf of Mexico and freeze them immediately on the ship, so I guess they’re as fresh in Gatlinburg as they would be anywhere else.  Anything you can drown in melted butter can’t be all bad, and these were pretty good.

No dessert, unless you count the casserole.

Bridge, you ask?  More of the same.  Started a KO in the afternoon, played loser BAM in the evening.  placed 4/5,  which at least makes 3 days in a row we’ve done well in the event.

Here’s some other food news:  Judy Keilin sent me this photo of  the fried pickles she had the other night here in G’burg:

Judy's caption for this photo:  yecccccccch

Judy’s caption for this photo: yecccccccch


Dinner with Wendy is always an event–lots of laughing and hooting at the silly things done by  bridge players, and the board, and sometimes the management.   The food at the Park Grill is as good as you’re going to find here.  Not a bad evening at all.


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