Back in the semis again

Finally, a decent day at the card table.

The getaway has already begun here.  Gatlinburg is within a day’s drive of some huge percentage of the US population, so many people have driven 7 or 8 hours to get here.  They start to stream out of town on Saturday to be ready to get back to work on Monday, and the tournament size plummets.

Bracket I of the KO’s was only 9 teams today–three round robins in the first session, two round-robins in the second session brings that down to 4 teams for the semi-finals tomorrow.

We won both halves of the the first session, and in the second session we faced one of the teams we beat  in the first.  That was good because the other team was Carolyn Lynch and her teams of stars–Mike Passel, Meckstroth-Rodwell, Geoff Hampson and Marc Jacobus.  We beat the other team for the second time today, and they lost to the pros too, so we advance to tomorrow’s semis.  You know it’s a good evening when you even manage to beat the pro team in one half of the match, although not overall.

Dinner was a culinary disaster.  We stumbled into some supposedly “Italian” place.  I ordered a linguini primavera which was simply dreadful, and which came accompanied by a plate with three house made rolls quite literally floating in a bowl of oil and garlic.  This is not an appetizing presentation.

The other guys ordered a couple of pizzas, which were adequate, I guess.  I”m spoiled by very good pizza at Fat Slice, so I wouldn’t dream of ordering it anywhere else.

One more day here, and a very tough semifinal to play in the morning.  Home on Monday.  Oh boy.


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