Just one of the girls


Linda, Lauren, Pam, Gail, Lisa and Barbara.  Former mayor Sue Rainey behind Gail, cheerfully ignoring us.

Gail had a girls cocktail hour planned Friday, and then we were going to see a magic show across the street at the Lesher.  I tried to get a table for the two of us at Massimo, but they were booked solid.  The girls couldn’t get a table, either, but then wheedled their way into the outside seating that was presumably closed.  Lacking other options, we joined them and I became one of the girls for the evening.

There are outdoor heaters, and we all had coats, and everyone but me was slugging down anti-freeze, so nobody was cold.  I had an entree, everyone else just shared a ton of appetizers, washed them down with the aforementioned firewater and enjoyed themselves.  The food and the service were the usual Massimo excellence.

Then we all trooped across Locust Street to see the annual Alex Ramon New Magic show.  We saw this last year and enjoyed it enough to be back.

Ramon is a young man with an excellent magic show, except that it is too damn loud at the start.  Insanely, ridiculously, unnecessarily, deafeningly, painfully loud.  Bring ear plugs.  Last year I was ready to leave after 2 minutes, but fortunately the sonic attack didn’t last.

After the noise of the first illusion dies down, the show is fun, clean, amusing and amazing.  That’s why they call it magic.

Ramon’s act needs a better director–he stops the show and blathers on for 10 minutes just before the finale and completely breaks the rhythm.

The last illusion is impressive, but not very magical.  Still, the crowd roars, everyone is impressed and he runs out of the theater to be in the lobby selling CD’s.  A good time was had by all.  I recommend it.


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